About Atlantis


I set up my company in 1983, starting with design and construction in exhibition, museum and interior.

chair designed 1983 by Hannes Jung

1984 a technical job for the German Film Museum, Frankfurt, got me in contact to film people. The idea of doing special effects was born.

1984: The special drive of a machine at Film Museum Frankfurt

Getting into special effects took a while. For many years my work consisted of design, technical engineering, construction and film jobs.

750 years Berlin
750 years Berlin in 1987

In 1992, we were quite established with technical special effects and props, I trained as a pyrotechnician and finally receved a licence.

Car explosion
Car Explosion in 1994

Our team consisted of people with totally different skills and characters. Times were great!

Crew 1995
The crew in 1995

At all times our workshop was a good place to meet friends.

Workshop 2000
Workshop in Berlin, 2000

In 2002 I was challanged by a friend to have my first stage performance. The Pyro Printing Show was born.

Pyro Printing live on stage

Together with my partner Sabine Paschen we performed a lot with pyrotechnics and fire. Two improve our skills we took acting lessons for almost two years. In 2007 we had the premiere of our 40 minutes fire theater play.

Magic Angels

Berlin is a good place to live. Nevertheless I was looking for a new challenge - and found it. In 2008 I moved to Dublin and restored an old cottage to live in. From my old workshop I brought over what fitted into one container.

Dublin, Killakee


Hannes Jung Phone: +353-1-4953616 Mobile: +353-872332195 Email: info@atlantis-special.ie